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We have simplified The Online Real Estate Investing. FundingRealty is the premium supplier of real estate investment marketplace, technology and skilled services. Investors will directly access institutional-quality real estate offerings with FundingRealty’s online investing platform.FundingRealty expands open doors for investors by enhancing outside of the conventional roads of the better conveying risk and on a very basic level changing on the online real estate investing through innovation.


The problem to be solved was:
  1. Returns on deposits at bank's are not worth talking about.
  2. Stock markets are not every one’s game.
  3. Rebuilding a Real estate property means large capital requirement and immense experience in construction.
  1. To create a Online Real Estate Investing platform where like minded partners can pool resources required to buy a rebuild-able property, and then have it rebuilt professionally and trade for capital gain.
  2. The proof is in the pudding. Please do kick the tires.


Co-owning with like minded partners where the partnership in Real estate investment is professionally managed in a transparent system.

real estate syndicate

Unless you have the wherewithal to buy a rebuild-able property with your own funds, have the expertise to rebuild it on your own and you can do a dozen flips a year, you do not need this system. However, if you do not fit the description of an investor as above and do not mind sharing the spoils, then you have come to the right system. Try it out.



real estate syndication services

Conventional wisdom is to spread the risk in a variety of investment vehicles. We agree fully. If you seek some real estate exposure, look into it here.



real estate syndications

Although the partnership in Real estate investment is professionally managed but the partners have the ultimate voting powers over all key decisions. We take care of all legal requirements, and all the kitty gritty. Every thing is arranged for you in one neat system and accessible online from your dashboard. Very simple, organized and fully transparent.




No More Window Shopping or Dreaming on How to Make It Work for You

Co-Owning the way to go

The older ways were to save up the large capital needed, which would take for ever, or go to bank, who do not loan on inhabitable properties, or go to hard money lender (Loan Sharks) and none that is really that smooth.

Instead invest with others and co-own and have the project and partnership professionally managed. All it needs is a minimum capital of $500.00 to get started.

All it needs is a minimum capital of $500.00 to get started.

syndicate real estate
syndication in real estate

Co-Own with People Who Know, Can Entrust to Work for Common Goal

Look for members within your family, friends, people you may know to form your own peer group

FundingRealty is a platform where you may co-own properties with others, you know. We not solicit funds for you or form groups from scratch. You will do your own due diligence before Real estate investment. We have the market place, the tools so you may use to form or join the groups.

We simply manage the affairs of the partnerships, rebuild it for a fixed price, you can do the math before online real estate investing.

There are certain risks associated with any investment, and real estate is no different. Theoretically you could loose your entire investment, that is why you should first educate yourself thoroughly first. Then choose your partnerships and properties wisely.

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